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Aluminium Monobloc Cans

Aluminium, monobloc cans
in accordance with EN 15008

  • Aluminium 99,5 or 99,7 in sellers option
Manufacturing process:
  • Impact extruded without seam, shoulders being formed afterwards
Dimensions and finish:
  • Round, flat, and special shoulder
  • Test pressure 12, 15 and 18 bar
  • Opening corresponds to EN 15006
  • Shapes customized
  • Embossing Internal coating
  • Internal lacquer applied in two layers and adapted to filling product
  • Powder coating, solvent free
  • Partial lacquering
Decoration options:
  • Brushed finish
  • Outside lacquer: clear, white or coloured
  • Special-effect-lacquer: flitter and pearlescent
  • Dry-Offset printing up to 8 colours
  • Additional decoration can be achieved by halftone and irisated print
  • Clear outside varnish, brilliant, mat and special-effect-lacquers
Various sizes/dimensions are available upon request: