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Steel Strips

We keep the distance to your pipes.

Pipe wall / Pipe panel production for Boiler

Wherever power will be generated, whether by coal, gas, nuclear or solar energy, the steam generation, usage and cooling is a key factor.

The steel strips produced by EUROMETALS  are designed to meet customers quality standards and closest dimensional tolerances. Produced with a 90° square cut to the bar axis and additional edge preparation to grant optimal welding operation at the customer side.

For that usage, the quality ASTM SA/A387
Grade 12 class 2 is designed and granting
optimal mechanical characteristics for the
usage in heat exchangers.

Steel strip in quality ASTM SA387 grade 12 class 2,

heat treated to comply with mechanical values acc. to

ASTM/ASME as follows:

  • Tensile strength Rm :
    380 - 550 MPa
  • Yield strength Rp0,2 :
    min. 228 MPa
  • Elongation A5 :
    min. 22 %
  • Impact strength at 20°C:
    min. 31 J
Chemical composition and sample analysis as follows:

Steel strip cold cut to size with tolerances:

Thickness: + 0 / - 0,12 mm
Width: + 0,2 / - 0,2 mm
Vertical cutting tolerance: -0 / max. + 0,1mm / side
(Difference measured between upper and lower cut / each side)

Strip, cold re-rolled / cold cut for edge condition: cold cut to 90 deg. with edge rounded to radius of max. 1 mm, aiming for as less as possible, otherwise acc. to EN 10048. The strip edges get chipped by hard-metal plates.

Available dimensions for a.m. processes: